Data Recovery and Computer Services in Phuket, Thailand

Data Recovery cases and failure symptoms

  • Drive is not shown in BIOS drive table
  • Drive is shown in BIOS drive table with a wrong, garbled or generic name
  • Drive is making repeating, continuous, unusual noise on startup
  • You cannot hear the usual spin-up sound from the drive
  • You receive "Operating System Not Found" message on startup
  • Operating system crashes on startup when the problematic hard disk drive is connected to the computer
  • When you click on the drive letter in "My computer" the message is displayed "Disk is not formatted". "The disk in drive <drive letter> is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"
  • You accidentally reformatted the volume, possibly to another filesystem
  • You deleted the important file(s)
  • You reinstalled the operating system onto the volume containing important data
  • The process of merging or resizing the partition has crashed
  • Drive was retrieved from fire or water
  • Drive was dropped when it was on or off
  • Drive in USB enclosure is unreadable after unsafe unplugging from the PC
  • Drive was subjected to electrical shock, wrong polarity plugging or lightning strike