Data Recovery and Computer Services in Phuket, Thailand

Data Recovery Services, Phuket Lab, Thailand

Drives with hardware failures

We handle electronic board and firmware failures, surface defects, head assembly damages and others. Even if your disk is not spinning up and not recognized by computer, there are good chances to retrieve your data in our lab. We work with 3.5", 2.5", 1.8" SATA, IDE and SCSI drives; we have a specialized hardware/software complex for SATA, SAS and SCSI drives factory mode maintenance and recovery.

Partition recovery

Partitions lost due to software bugs, accidental formatting, user mistakes, power loss. We work with hard disk drives, solid state drives, memory cards, flash drives; NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, Linux, MacOS partitions and others. Deep knowledge of the filesystems often allows us to recover data when automatic data recovery software fails to do so.

RAID recovery

Even the data on the redundant disk arrays, like RAID1 (mirrored), RAID5 and 10, can be lost in an instant. Common reasons: lightning strike, fall, RAID controller malfunction... We work with hardware and software arrays using SATA, SCSI or SAS drives. Shipping the original RAID controller or motherboard might be necessary in some cases.

Decryption services

Data recovery from password-protected hard disks. Hard drive password protection is usually encountered on the notebooks. These passwords cannot be removed by resetting BIOS settings. Password unlocking service is currently available for the following brands: Seagate, Maxtor, Fujitsu, IBM, Toshiba, Samsung. Please inquire about other brands and particular models. Read more on our Hard Drive Password Removal Services >>

File recovery

Sometimes one single file can have a great importance to a customer. It can be a huge Outlook data file with all e-mails and addresses, or a corporate database, or a Word document with the important contract. If it becomes corrupted or deleted due to virus activity, or a user mistake, often it is still possible to get at least part of the information. Read more about Database Recovery Services >>

DVR/NVR Recovery

Most digital video recorders used in CCTV applications have proprietary format of video storage. Our company developed an in-house software for search and retrieval of time-stamped video fragments from DVR/NVR drives that are damaged, have corrupted data, were formatted or when original recorder is faulty or not available.

I cannot access my files — what do I do?

If you cannot access your data, the first thing you need to do is to power the media down. It might prevent the physical damage from spreading further or prevent the operating sytem from overwriting your lost files. Do not try to boot from the damaged hard drive! Then please consult our growing list of the most common cases and symptoms. It might help you to recognize the problem, explain it to others and make the right decision. If you are absolutely sure there is no physical damage to the media, you can try to use the data recovery software available on the market, but only if you are able to connect the media as the secondary drive to another, working computer. If the physical failure is suspected, if the software did not recover what you need, or if you don't feel comfortable trying it yourself — call us!

Why we can help you?

We have extensive knowledge of storage technologies. Our lab is equipped with specialized equipment, including proper clean chamber. We are able to work with hard drives in so-called "factory mode", where we can do low-level diagnostics and repair operations; this technology is not available to the regular computer service companies and is not used in user-level recovery software. While others use tools, we develop tools, writing custom software to handle new hard drive families and obscure data formats. And last but not least, we believe what accuracy and ingenuity are the key!

Shipping the media to us

If you have a media for data recovery, in Phuket we can send our staff to pick it up or meet you at some convenient location, or you can bring it to our office. From other provinces (we have customers all over Thailand, mostly from Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Had Yai) you can ship it to us using EMS mail service from most post offices — it is cheap (about 70 baht for a hard drive package), reliable and convenient. Normally, the package will reach us in two days. EMS package can be tracked online. Another option for urgent shipping is Thai Airways Cargo Service. Please make sure what you package is waterproof and plenty of padding foam is protecting the drive from all sides. Package boxes and foam are available at the post offices.

Clear policies

  • The price is agreed with you after the diagnostics and before recovery. No hidden commitments.
  • If the data cannot be recovered, there is no charge except shipping costs. No fine print conditions involved.
  • In the rare cases when we cannot recover your data, we will be happy to direct you to our partners, but we never outsource drives for recovery without explicit permission from the customer.
  • We can guarantee you 100% confidentiality — not a single bit of your data will leave our office without your permission. Standard non-disclosure agreement can be signed upon request.
  • Our ability to recover data does not mean you drive will be returned back to you in working condition.

Our statistics: we were able to recover at least some data in 85% of cases. In other 10% the costs of the recovery were high (over $1000) and the customer has cancelled the request. Last 5% were the hard disks damaged beyond repair.

Be our partner

If you have an established IT company in Thailand, we invite you to become our data recovery agent. Please write an email to [email protected] for further details.