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Removing Hard Disk Passwords

Almost all modern notebooks have the option to lock the notebook and it's hard drive with a password.
If the pasword is lost, hard disk data cannot be accessed by the user. The HDD password is stored on the disk itself and cannot be bypassed by placing the disk into another computer.

We offer the service to remove unknown Master and User hard drive Password without data loss, even when hdd is locked on Maximum Security level. Note what this service makes sense for data recovery purposes only, as the price (usually $120 + shipping costs) is higher than the price of a brand-new hard disk of most models. Many people buy a second-hand hard drive on eBay very cheap only to find out later what the drive is locked with password. Buyers beware!

Partial list of the hard drives we can remove password from follows; please do not hesitate to ask about other brands and models!


DiamondMax Plus 9; DiamondMax 16; DiamondMax D540X-4G; DiamondMax 536DX; DiamondMax D540X-4D; DiamondMax D540X-4K; DiamondMax Plus D740X; DiamondMax Plus 8...


SpinPoint VL40P; SpinPoint V80; SpinPoint P80; SpinPoint PL40; SpinPoint P120; SpinPoint M40; SpinPoint M60; SP*; SV*; VG*...


MK1233GAS; MK1032GAX; MK1031GAS; MK8026GAX; MK8025GAS;MK6026GAX; MK6025GAS; MK6021GAS; MK4032GAX; MK4026GAX; MK4025GAS; MK4021GAS; MK4019GAX; MK4018GAP; MK4018GAS; MK3029GAC; MK3029GACE; MK3021GAS; MK3019GAX; MK3018GAS; MK3017GAP; MK2023GAS; MK2018GAP; MK2018GAS; MK2017GAP; MK2016GAP; MK1517GAP; MK1517GAP; MK1516GAP; MK1017GAP; MK1016GAP; MK1214GAP; MK1814GAV; MK1011GAV


Most desktop and notebook models; Barracuda series: 7200.7, 7200.9, 7200.10; Momentus


Older 3.5" IBM - yes
Notebook Travelstar series - NOT YET...
New Hitachi drives - NOT YET...

Western Digital

All models: Caviar, Caviar SE, Scorpio, including new Marvell-based



We work with EMS Worldwide Shipping Service; please check shipping details and other conditions on Data Recovery Services page. Other options are FedEx, DHL, UPS and Thai Air Cargo for fastest shipping. At the moment we are not offering remote password removal.